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My Opinion On The Spanish Series Sea Of ​​Plastic (Mar De Plástico)

The Spanish series Sea of ​​Plastic (Mar de Plástico) is a convincing proof that Spain has excelled in the making of fiction. I believe that I was one of the few Brazilians to watch it, considering that the series is not available on Netflix for Brazilians, and there are no subtitles for Portuguese (Brazilian).

The whole script occurs in the attempt to elucidate barbaric crimes in the small fictional city of Campoamargo.

In the first season, the death of the mayor’s daughter intrigues the inhabitants of the small town, by the cruel and mysterious way, being quartered and parts of the body are discovered little by little. The case has to do with the revenge of a son of a prostitute who 20 years ago was transported the city with several others in a truck to the city, and without conditions of travel and the truck totally closed with difficulty of oxygen entry. All the women died, surviving only the mother and the son (the avenger). The son saw what would later be known to everyone as his father, the woman smuggler murder his mother, not to give clues to the multiple homicide, and worse, the businessman even had the support of a corrupt police officer who was later discovered by Hector, a sergeant who is the hero of the series, this one that in the unfolding the investigations, underwent several attempts to be removed from the police station, for obvious reasons.

One of the factors that holds the audience the most in this series is that with every episode that goes on, especially in the first season, virtually all the main characters become suspicious of the crime that rocked the small town.

The second and final season, Hector finds himself distressed by the death of Marta, a woman who had her husband given as dead in an operation against terrorists, and later discovered that he infiltrated among the terrorists in a stealth operation of forces and security to obtain more information about terrorists. While given as dead, Martha and Hector maintain a troubled relationship.

At the end of the series, after several other deaths led by the “quartermaster of Campoamargo”, Hector discovers who Marta’s murderer was, nothing less than Pablo, Marta’s husband, done this by realizing that he could not maintain a relationship with Marta, for her to love Hector. In order not to give suspicion, in several ways Pablo implanted clues in the attempt to incriminate Hector.

Other interesting facts of the series that can be cited here were Pablo’s attempt to infiltrate a scheme of trafficking in women for prostitution, as well as the strong love between a white and a black woman from Africa in an attempt to survive in the region, and attempts against their love.


Anyway, I do not give so many details because the text could get so great, but this series is for those who do not like horror movies, but also do not lack good drama.


If it were available to Brazil, it would certainly have a relevant success. Unfortunately anyone who tries to watch the series in Brazil by Netflix, is prevented.

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