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Teenager millionaire builds exoskeleton inspired by Dr. Octopus

In recent months, success stories with investments in bitcoin have appeared in various environments, to the point that the most skeptical consider the cryptomadee to be a joke. Controversies aside, the fact is that some people have been successful in their investments. One of the cases is Erik Finman, who is now 19 and started buying bitcoins at 12.

Recently the teenager used some of the investment money to finance and develop an exoskeleton similar to that used by one of Spider-Man’s villains, Dr. Octopus. The costume was developed for a 10-year-old child, Aristou Meehan, the son of Finman’s family friends. The boy suffers from joint hypermobility syndrome, which causes limitations to his mobility.

“He [Meehan] came up with the idea – because he’s a big fan of comics and Spider-Man – to have his own Dr. Octopus costume. He said he would solve the problems. I thought it was so clever and sweet. For me, it would have been great if someone had helped me when I was that age, “Finman said.

The idea of ​​the exoskeleton, developed by a team of engineers, is that the mechanical arms increase the abilities of those who use it, adding four lower limbs. The device was created using a 3D printer, with the arms being controlled by microcontrollers attached to the rear, allowing them to be used to lift objects. The user places his hands on a glove, which lets you control the arms using your middle fingers.

Finman seems to have his own motivations to finance Meehan’s outfit, as he says he’s in love with robotics. In addition, the project seems to be generating interests of other investors, and he thinks of turning it into something more applicable. For the time being, the exoskeleton does not have much greater function than to serve as prototype, but the millionaire adolescent mentions significant improvements that would be close, as the possibility that the suit had the strength to raise a car.