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The Ministry Of Time: Death Of Júlian And The Disaster Of Season 3

El Ministerio del Tiempo, which is available on Netflix, presents a captivating story with the idea of ​​a ministry that is a secret of the Spanish government, where there are doors that refer to different times of the past.

The ministry is responsible for keeping the history without interference from other clandestine time travelers. Amelia Folch, Júlian Martinez and Alonso de Entrerríos, were chosen by the ministry to keep the story in order, traveling to different times and dealing with various historical figures, among several agents recruited to fight for the ministry.

In the trio, the widower Júlian suffered the nightmare of having lost his wife victim of run over. Given as dead by hanging after rebelling against the government, after being recruited Alonso suffered from the idea of ​​migrating to 200 after his time away from his wife. Amelia and Júlia feel slightly emotionally attached, after, even going against the rules, try to discover the futures themselves, and Amelia discovers photographs of her as a couple, including a daughter. Apparently, they would marry in the time of Amelia. For me, the Spanish series had everything to consecrate one of my favorites, achieved until the end of the second season, being unable after the third season did not continue with the performance of Rodolfo Sancho, who played nurse Julian.

According to the production of the series, it was not possible to reach an agreement with the production and the actor, who was one of the important personages of the series that is available in Netflix. As a fan, I eagerly awaited a romantic ending between Julian and Amelia, after clues given in the series surrounding the couple.

The third season began rudely with the never-awaited death of Julian, where even his face did not appear. Only after that and after checking the next episodes, I realized that something was wrong. I was wondering how can one of the most important characters disappear so abruptly! I do not say this for being a fan of the actor, but for the expectation caused by the series around the two.

I also did not agree with Amelia having slept with the 1970s police officer, Pacino, who served as temporary replacement for Julian in some episodes of Season Two, after personal problems and with the ministry, Julian was sent on mission in the war in Cuba, with the purpose of saving lives. The performance of Alonso, no comment.

And you, what do you think of the series? Do you agree with me? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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